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Welcome to Our Online Shop

Our online shop provides you with a unique method of donating to local causes. In just a few clicks you can purchase an exclusive gift through our online donation shop. You don’t take it home, instead you buy it for the local cause. By breaking down the cost of a whole project, you have the control of how much you would like to donate towards the total charitable gift.

For example, you may buy a single meal for a homeless person – or you may choose to buy 5 of them. You may buy a single part of a garden shed for a community garden centre, or you may buy the whole shed. The choice is yours, you can buy as much as you wish or as little as the minimum purchase price.

All gift contributions will be used to purchase your chosen item for the selected local good cause.

All of the items in this shop will make a big difference to the lives of local people that rely on the charitable activities of voluntary, community or faith organisations across Salford.

If you are involved with a good cause in Salford that you would like to be added to the Salford 4 Good online shop, please get in touch with Salford 4 Good on
Tel: 0161 787 7795 or Email:

Under £10

Donate to keep local radio station open

Salford City Radio volunteers have just 8 weeks to raise the £10,000 the station needs
Under £10

Help to Restore the Church of the Ascension

Crowdfunding campaign to restore the Church of Ascension following a devastating fire.