Salford 4 Good Development Worker Ella challenged herself to run 4 10ks this year to raise money for Salford causes. After completing her final race on Sunday 20th November, Ella tells us all about the challenge…

It all started when I began working as the Salford 4 Good Fundraising Development Worker. As previous fundraisers had challenged themselves to skydives, sponsored bike rides, and runs, I was asked what challenge I’d been taking on. I joked that I was more than happy to jump out of a plane but there was no way I’d be running anything, they wouldn’t even get me running a bath! For me, a couch potato, running was totally out of the question.

But as I thought about what I wanted to do to support the charity, I couldn’t think of a better way to challenge myself than by doing something I was really terrified of (I hid in a toilet for three hours in high school to avoid cross country)! And so reluctantly I agreed to run the City of Salford 10k in September.


Starting out as a novice runner I used a couch to 5k app to get me going. After a bit of shaky start (including having a three-week rest after attempting the first week of the app) I got into the swing of things and realised that every time I went out the door I was achieving something I’d never done before. And it felt pretty good. After a few weeks, I decided to take on the extra challenge of running not just one but four 10ks. Not only to push myself further but also to demonstrate the extra mile community and voluntary groups go to support their members and communities. And so the #10kchallenge was born…

I’ve now run 4 10ks, a total of 24.8 miles, and so far raised a total of £565.00 (that’s nearly £30.00 a mile)! This money will be used in the next Fund 4 Good grant round to help community and voluntary groups continue and develop the services they provide people and to make Salford a great place to live, work and visit. Salford 4 Good helps local good causes by distributing funds to support activities and services which do good for Salford communities. In 2016 we launched the first Fund 4 Good grant scheme, successfully funding 7 local causes to develop their work with Salford communities and support their members through new activities. You can read all about the Fund 4 Good here.

Please help us thank more groups for their hard work by donating to the challenge. Giving a little today can help these groups do a whole lot of good in the future. Visit our online giving page here.

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported the journey, from sharing the story to sponsoring me, it has been an exciting and life-changing adventure. A special mention for my Dad, Peter O’Neill, for running every race with me and keeping going when I really didn't want to. Thanks to my Mum and Grandma who have been at every start and finish line to cheer me on. As well as fundraising friends who’ve joined me on races along the way, thanks and well done to Chris Andrews, Lauren Sharp and Vicky Robinson!